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how can you be unhappy while wearing a cupcake hat - Thu, 01/12/2012
Volume 2 Release Party Tomorrow!
Posted January 12, 2012 at 12:51 am


The hat was pretty cute but if looks could kill that lady would have murdered everyone on the block. Probably lost a bet!

Tomorrow is the Volume 2 release party at Bergen Street Comics! John and Conrad will be joining us, and John will be doing a live reading of John Advice! We'll have food and drinks provided by the nice folks at Bergen Street, and we'll bring books and prints with us (e-mail us ahead of time and we'll try to bring some shirts and totes if you specify what size you'd like!). If you want Yuko to doodle something in a book, feel free to ask! Come hang out, we'll have a good time! (Hopefully by then we won't be so nervous!)

See you there!



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