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how to ensure yuko never wears a skirt again - Tue, 09/29/2009
Posted September 29, 2009 at 05:17 pm


Yuko wore a skirt the first day of SPX, which as we have previously established is mighty unusual! It was mega cute, though - despite all of the exclamations, she got plenty of compliments. And despite that huge grin she drew me with in the first panel, it wasn't my idea for her to wear it! Totally self-motivated. She also got a new haircut which she decided she hates but really it is pretty cute. 

Yuko is pushing me to talk about SPX and I'm all like nnnnnnn it'll take too long and she'll all shut it up you and i'm all alright alright sheesh lady so here we go and I apologize if I've missed anyone (everyone, I've missed everyone). 

Let's see, we met and re-met a lot of nice folks at SPX. George accompanied us as we met Danielle Corsetto for the first time, who is wonderful and I think tried to put Yuko in her pocket once or twice. Girl with Slingshots is a pretty comic for sure, but I had no idea she had such a deft and pro hand with the human figure - if you see her at a show, check out her prints! They're mostly of ladies and all clever and cute. 

Speaking of clever and cute ladies, Erika Moen was a few tables down! Her DAR collection was my favorite thing we picked up at TCAF last year. We ran into her at the bar late Sunday along with Jeph & Cristi, and R Stevens. A nice relatively quiet way to wind down the show. 

Oh, on Saturday I got to have a prolonged conversation with Dresden Codak's Aaron Diaz, who regaled us with tales of his childhood, and Rice Boy's Evan Dahm, who I didn't know was going to be there but totally nerded out when I realized it was him. Rice Boy is a lush, inky thing with fantasy and mystery and a strong voice, and I wish I had picked up his book after reading George's copy. Aaron wins the award for fastest arc of improvement, and his comics are about science and occasionally have a pretty lady, which I think is a winning combination. His relatively recent strip The Sleepwalkers cracked me up again over waffles this morning. 

Yuko got runner-up in Raina's Smile contest! Gina baked shortbread cookies for the comics bakery - the maple pecan ones were delicious. They were all delicious. And I had no idea Dave Roman did Teen Boat, which was one of the first comics George introduced me to. 

We also saw Colleen and Carol! Colleen was wearing an awesome t-shirt. 

We also hung out with James and Cory again, and finally got to sit down and chat with Ray Fawkes and Rick Lacy, both of whom are really fucking funny. These guys make all of our small press shows a lot of fun. 

Umm ... oh! Yuko got an awesome print from Scott C, who we ran into at the chocolate fondue fountain and then later (repeatedly) over the course of the show. He has the smile to end all wars!

ananth: Yuko is it over can i go

Yuko: yes you can go you big fat complainer

ananth: yessss

Yuko: now go grocery shopping

ananth: nooooo



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