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i want to flat-pack you up into my life - Tue, 01/26/2010
IKEA (and we got new stickers!)
Posted January 26, 2010 at 06:41 pm


Going to IKEA is a little like going to grown-up Disneyland, but I have a set amount of time I can spend there before getting fried out. I have the same problem at malls, and encountered the same thing at Honest Ed's, a huge discount store in Toronto (you might recognize it from Scott Pilgrim - and while we're talking about SP, there's no exaggeration about that crazy ass moose clock - it's a horror). I have trouble filtering - basically I get mallsick. Anyway! I live for the $1 frozen yogurt at the end of an IKEA trip - it's like getting a lollipop at the Hair Cuttery as a kid. 

We have some new stickers for the store! You get one of these free with each t-shirt, but I figured I'd list them in case anyone wanted to snag a few!

They're black on chrome, 4.25"x1.38". Hope you like 'em! And there's the ink test Yuko most recently finished up (about 20 minutes ago, actually!) - the Strength Tarot. Here it is: 

The color wash makes them look so comfy!

That's all folks! I'm hard at work on the script for another fiction short ... See you Thursday!



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