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inept baby mouse - Tue, 12/29/2009
Mouse Trap!
Posted December 29, 2009 at 06:29 pm


Hey guys and gals! Yuko and are leaving for the holidays and unfortunately we won't have access to our stock while we're gone! This means that the earliest we can guarantee the shipment of any new orders is after January 1st! I'm editing the shipping time on all items in the store as well, so the information will be uniform. 

Happy holidays guys! Hope you all have a great one!


Unlike all the mice in our past experience, this one in particular was pretty docile and friendly. Yuko told me over the phone that the mouse was "60% head" and she speculated that it was probably a baby.

When we lived at Spacklehaus, there was a definite mouse problem. We tried a lot of traps, including glue traps which turned out to be pretty cruel. In the end we chased the mice down with colanders and released them into the wild - it started as a chore and became a kind of challenge. Conrad and I got pretty good at it. 

I thought of Mouse Trap and got a little nostalgic, but then I remembered that it was the worst game ever.

I've got a question for you! Prior to inking a comic, Yuko typically does an ink test - to get the ink flowing on the brush properly. She usually does them on the corner or margin of some page that is 80% full already, but guys ... they look really nice. We're wondering, if she were to start doing these ink tests on artist trading cards (2.5" x 3.5" on bristol), would you guys and gals be interested in purchasing them? Each would be one-of-a-kind, and the content would range from our own characters (present and future projects) to renditions of other works (she just inked a picture of Lockheed from the X-Men). Let us know what you think! 

We're still away from home for the holidays. I'm writing this from Yuko's parents' basement while Yuko inks -- she is waving hello. Hope your holiday was nice! Ours was full of good times and junk food. See you Thursday!



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