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japan 2012 travelogue 8 - Thu, 06/21/2012
Kumamoto! & get $10 off your next Topatoco purchase!
Posted June 21, 2012 at 03:48 pm


The last of the travelogue comics for a little bit! We'll be going back to regular strips next week. 

Before I talk about the strip, I want to mention - Topatoco has a new photo submission system! And you can get $10 off codes for submitting! Here's the Photo Hut, and here are the submission rules - check 'em out! 

Kumamon creeps me out a little! But he's cute, too. His name is a pun - it's the Kuma from the region of Kumamoto, which he's the mascot of, but Kuma also means bear. He was designed by Sanrio! He's ubiquitous in the southern part of Japan, check him outtttt:

Here's a real-life shot of Kumamoto castle - Yuko didn't actually break in, she just climbed a wall and then climbed down:

And here are some weird hostess bar ads! I'm fascinated by these, they're set up like a menu? The SEA SIDE one is all mermaids, definitely. 

We're out! Catch you next week!



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