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luckily they are all nerdy - Mon, 05/25/2009
Posted May 25, 2009 at 04:02 pm


As you get older your tastes change, and you get less excited about some things and more excited about others. Cereal box prizes have maintained a static level of excitement for me, though, from childhood into adulthood. Pouring out breakfast and finding a toy in my bowl fills me with irrational delight, even though I inevitably give them to my Dad, who likes to fiddle with things as he works. Here are some of our favorite prizes (John, post yours in the comments! I'll add it tomorrow): 

Yuko: "a wind-up car from Cars"
Conrad: "a pair of 3D glasses that I wore so I could be like that asshole in Back To The Future ... they made my eyes hurt"
Ananth: "a watch I got in a box of Rice Krispies ... it broke but I kept wearing it because everything is awesome when you are eleven"
John: "I liked those mini lego sets. I don't know what cereal I got them from of if I'm imagining it."

In case you're wondering, we got Starfleet Command ... nice! Speaking of Star Trek, Yuko did some fan art ... click the image below to the full (contains Spoilers!):

We all enjoyed the movie quite a bit!



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