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Lucky Penny - 029 - Thu, 05/02/2013
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Posted May 2, 2013 at 12:58 pm


Yuko's hand is still recovering! But she did do a left-handed comic based on a perfume commercial we saw. You can check it out over on tumblr ... warning for cusses and saucy situations. 

There's a bunch of cool stuff over in the store, just waiting to be taken home. There are now grey and teal versions of the TOO KAWAII shirt, and JW vol. 3 is available as well! It's got an 8-page color insert that we're quite pleased with. AND you can get all 3 books in a pack at a discount. COOL!

There are also charms and keychains designed by Yuko over here! They're all pretty cute. 

TCAF is next week! We'll give you more info then, we're just getting ourselves ready to go in the meantime. Hope we see you there!

That's all for us, catch you next week!



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