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Lucky Penny - 045 - Tue, 06/25/2013
Posted June 25, 2013 at 01:15 pm


Hey guys! Most of the time the posts here are short - we're always saying we're working on something or other - and usually we can't talk about it right away. WELL, I'm happy to finally be able to share something with you!! I talked about this on Twitter and Tumblr recently but here's the first advance solicit for BUZZ! with words by me and pictures by Tessa Stone, from Oni Press


BUZZ! - Advance solicited for November 2013!

Written by Ananth Panagariya, art by Tessa Stone.

 Webster is a bundle of nerves headed into his first day of high school, but whatever academic and social horrors he feared are nothing compared to what’s in store for him as he stumbles into an unsanctioned street level spelling bee! And this ain’t no staged production, either ñ letters fly like jump kicks and the losers leave bruised and beaten more often than not! Soon he’s propelled into the fast-paced world of competitive spelling by the mysterious Outlaw King and his cohort the Black Queen. Does Webster have what it takes to get the spelling world buzzing? Find out in this word-based battle royale from web-sensations Ananth Panagariya (Johnny Wander) and Tessa Stone (Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name)!

I'd mentioned it before but I'm happy to finally bring you some official news! Here's the first advance solicit for BUZZ!, a book in collaboration with the brilliant Tessa Stone! I'm really thrilled to be working with her - her art is vibrant and kinetic and I could go on forever about it. She's amazing! SO PUMPED!



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