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Lucky Penny - 111 - Thu, 02/27/2014
Custom watches!
Posted February 27, 2014 at 05:06 pm


Haha, we got some good e-mails and messages about Walter naming his car Ophelia - I'm glad you guys liked it! I hope you like this one too, hahaha. Oh Walter.

My brother clued me in on this rad custom watch Kickstarter - I love how bright and poppy the colors are. Check out the video below:


Yuko and I have always thought about doing Johnny Wander watches, and this reminded me of it-- but this goes one step better and let's you do a one-off custom watch. That's hard to find!

And just a reminder, we have a ton of things available in the store! Yuko has some new designs up on Hey Chickadee, and there are lots of books, t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags in the Topatoco store! And BUZZ! is available on Amazon - a spelling bee adventure comic written by me and drawn by Tessa Stone!

I'm feeling a little better! This cough has really got me, though. Have a good one, and we'll catch you next week!



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