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Lucky Penny - 13 - Thu, 03/01/2012
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Posted March 1, 2012 at 01:15 am


Hey guys! That's the last page of the Lucky Penny excerpt (courtesy of the kind folks at Oni Press). If you're curious, here are links to the whole thing: 

We've gotten a lot of questions about when it will be out. Short answer is we're not sure! Yuko's working hard on it! But we'll be sure to mention it on the website when the publication date nears. Hope you enjoyed it!

@ConnorGSims made an animated version of this comic - check it out! And if you click on me right before I take my hat off, you get the alternate ending (incidentally my favorite). 

We're a little swamped right now so we're going to get right back to work - see you next week!



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