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Lucky Penny - 156 - Tue, 08/12/2014
News about Yuko, change in update schedule
Posted August 12, 2014 at 06:29 pm


Hey everyone, here is the deal:

Yuko's been struggling with pain in her right hand for a few years now. Recently the pain has gotten worse. She went to a new doctor and got several referrals, and those appointments are in the next few weeks. We talked and it's very important that she give her right hand a rest until we can get to the bottom of this. IN THE MEANTIME, AS A TEMPORARY MEASURE WE WILL BE REDUCING TO ONE UPDATE A WEEK: EVERY TUESDAY. Giving Yuko's drawing hand a rest now is integral to her long-term ability to work. We'll probably post pages without tones. 

Yuko is a monster though, she drew and colored this with her left hand (click through for the tumblr post):

She's been practicing with her left for a few years now, as you've seen in some of the autobio comics and on her tumblr. We're keeping our fingers crossed for goods news, but this has been a pretty stressful period for the both of us. Thank you for your understanding.



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