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most generous baby - Tue, 08/28/2012
Slight change to update schedule
Posted August 28, 2012 at 04:34 pm


Extra-tall comic today. That baby was pretty cute! A calming presence. Oh and this is a right-handed comic, for anyone keeping track. 

So this upcoming month is going to be a little different! The deal is that we've taken on a lot of work (more than we anticipated) and Yuko needs more time to be able to get it done. We'll be doing Regular updates every Tuesday, and then Process updates every Thursday. Process Updates: These will probably be about our design process for things like stickers, business cards, book covers ... whatever we think might be interesting. We get a lot of questions about this, so this seems like a good way to still be updating but also allowing Yuko to try to catch up on a huge backlog of work. That being said, if there's anything in particular you'd be curious to hear about - let me know and I'll try to take it into consideration! Thanks!

In that same vein, I've opened my Ask box on Tumblr. I tend to skip over personal questions, but if you've got questions about our work or process or whatever, do feel free to ask! 

That's all for us! Catch you Thursday!



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