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nothing some epoxy won't fix - Thu, 04/01/2010
Stay on your toes
Posted April 1, 2010 at 07:09 pm


It's April Fools day, which means you gotta keep on your toes. Believe nothing! We had something planned for weeks, but sometimes work keeps you busy. Next year, next year. 

Mike actually got up bright and early this morning so he could prank everyone he knows - he's already tried to get me twice, and ... well, I'll save it for a comic. Suffice to say he's been hard at work ... 

MoCCA is coming up! We won't have a table, but we'll certainly be walking around and we'll likely have some stickers to give away if you catch us there. More details on that as they come. And it looks like our table at SPX is confirmed! SPX was the first small press show I ever went to, so it'll be nice to finally get behind a table. We're going to be sharing with Jamie Noguchi! Sweet. 

Also, it's Nemu Nemu's fourth anniversary! Happy anniversary, guys!

I'm not sure I mentioned this, but we recently picked up the boardgame Arkham Horror. Oh man, it's so good!



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