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paleontoLOLgy - Thu, 10/15/2009
Posted October 15, 2009 at 05:23 pm


Read the alt text, hahahaha. Oh Yuko. 

Our word game escalated ... Yuko and I both grew up devouring anything we could read about prehistory, so our vocabularies on that point are pretty good (although Yuko is the undisputed champ). Here's a breakdown of the animals we're actually referring to, for your convenience (from beginning to end): 

Leviathan doesn't count. ): I used to have the whole Dinosaurs collection of Zoobooks, which was one of the best investments my parents ever made on my behalf. I could recite those things word for word all the way into high school, and they developed an interest in science that I'm still gripped by. Ah, science. 

Anyway, thanks for enduring our inner nerd for one (every) comic. 

Maw figurine preorders end on the 25th! If you want 'em, snag 'em before then. There is nothing scientific about them ... yet. I hear gene-splicing is coming along nicely!



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