pardon our dust - Tue, 08/18/2009

Hardwood floors for miles!
posted Aug.18.09 at 05:02 pm


Poor John and Yuko. They actually came in a couple of times in the 2 weeks prior to move-in to make the place spotless, and then everyone came in and tromped around in shoes. Dammit! Oh, and thank you to the Front Row Crew and Yuko's parents, who showed up as a veritable moving army and helped us get done before noon. Unbelievable! 

Move-in was a measure of physical fitness, as we had to carry everything up five flights of stairs. Needless to say, none of us passed muster. Everything is in, though, but sadly we have no Internet access. Comics will update on time, but our responses to comments and e-mails will likely be a bit staggered until we're all hooked up. 

Lastly, prepare to see a couple of new faces in the strip! How exciting!


• ECCC - Seattle, WA - March 1-4
• More TBA!