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read instructions before proceeding - Wed, 12/31/2008
Happy New Year!
Posted December 31, 2008 at 02:37 pm


This teaches me to use bottles of weird stuff at my folks' place without reading what it is first.

Ananth and I are actually at a New Year's get-together* right now.  Happy New Year's, everyone!  Hope you had a good one.  Ananth's busy giving well-wishes to friends, so I've been left to give the blog tonight.  Apologies, I'm no good at this.

We've been spending the holidays with my parents, which explains the terrible abundance of comics about me.  (sorry.)  That'll be remedied in a few days when we get back to the apartment with Conrad and John.

Hello to the FRC and thank you for venison and also the pleasure of your company. :D


*"get-together" is a strong word.



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