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rest in pieces revolutions - Thu, 05/27/2010
We'll be at NEWW! And we got tumblrs.
Posted May 27, 2010 at 10:53 pm


Our third installment in the Rest in Pieces series - here's the dresser, and here's the car. An unfortunate hour of my life - have a nasty scrape on my thumb to show for it. I think I'm done with IKEA shelves! They're built flimsy so they'll collapse on American consumers - Sweden, I'm onto your plan! Your slow, deliberate plan. 

Guys! We're in the first wave of guest announcements for New England Webcomics Weekend (NEWW) 2! Head on over to check it out. We'll talk about that further down the line. 

You guys bought all the Pony Rocks! Sorry to anyone who didn't get a copy ... chances are we'll reprint Pony Cop as part of a collection some day, so the opportunity to have it isn't 100% gone. 

We got Tumblrs, by the way! Give 'em a join if you like ... they're going to be mostly about work, JW works in progress (like the book) and things that don't fit the JW blog mold. Conrad's in particular is about his thoughts on mobile development, among other things.


Enjoy the weekend!



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