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save yourself - Thu, 08/18/2011
Posted August 18, 2011 at 11:32 pm


We started climbing a few months ago with our friend L! We go to a gym that mostly specializes in indoor bouldering (although they have some belaying walls). The way it works is that there are molded plastic holds affixed to the wall, and the holds are all marked with different colors - each color represents a route, and each route is marked with a difficulty level. Anyway, there's been a kid's camp there for a couple of weeks, which is adorable - but they don't give a damn about safety! To be fair, I didn't either when I was 7. Kids are made out of rubber, right?

Positive reaction to the idea of a livestream! We'll announce it on Twitter - here's our handles again:



And we'll try to do it more than once, in case you miss the first time.

There are thunderheads rolling in, so I'll sign off here! See you next time!



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