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she was pretty angry - Mon, 06/08/2009
true story
Posted June 8, 2009 at 04:05 pm



This is a True Story, and not super relatable unless you ink with steel nibs! They give Yuko wrist cramps and generally seem like a pain in the ass to use (although I think she is using particularly bad ones) ... but it doesn't matter, because sitting on her desk now is an envelope from a brush company in Britain! I'm excited to see how Johnny Wander looks once she cracks those brushes open - they came on high recommendation from some talented folks (I, uh, can't remember who just now). 

Yuko has sent me some messages from Japan! She says she misses you guys, and she had real fresh unagi, and she is going to the Tezuka museum in the next couple of days. I am very jealous so I am going to go before I say something I might regret. Have a good day!



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