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so dumb - Wed, 08/12/2009
Posted August 12, 2009 at 05:02 pm


So sometimes you get your head in the game and you're just packing things like a machine and then you pack your packing supplies. 

That's probably just me. Oh, as long as we're talking about me, I actually drew this one ... Yuko has been busy so I offer this sub-par rendition of Johnny Wander in her stead.

Oh, Yuko appears in Angela Melick's (Wasted Talent) convention journal comic, down towards the end - totally cute. 

The Zoolology and Limited Edition Charcoal Grey Phoenix Down shirts are still in the store, although with some supplies depleted ... we do have a handy number of ladies Phoenix Down shirts, if you some of you gals are interested. 

A note to those of you ordering and those of you who have ordered - there's going to be a slight delay in shipping (about a week) as we get moved in over the weekend. Sorry about that! We thought we could keep up, but prepping for the move has slowed us down a bit. 

I ... think that's it! Have a good weekend, everyone.



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