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spreading the wealth around - Thu, 11/06/2008
voting is delicious
Posted November 6, 2008 at 02:05 am


We are in the tank for free food. There is a clear bias here, and you should only expect skewed coverage. 

Anyway, this was our election day. We went and voted, and then we went out and got as much free food as we could possibly have without making ourselves sick. In the evening, Archer, Eve, Joe, Hayley and Mike stopped by to watch the election coverage with us. We got a Vermonster from Ben and Jerry's to follow up the free ice cream we got there earlier. 


Do not take the Vermonster lightly. I know there are those among you who would laugh, or make light of it - to you I say, heed my warning. As you dig into that cold mountain of kaleidoscope flavors, you will slowly fill with base regret - regret that transforms to humiliation that you are not man - or indeed, child - enough for the challenge. Head hanging low, you'll comfort yourself with the election results ... or a bottle of Jack Daniels.



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