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SPX SEPT 15-16, TABLE W65! - Wed, 09/12/2018
Posted September 12, 2018 at 03:51 pm

We'll be at SPX in Bethesda, MD this coming weekend Sept 15-16! We're bringing a ton of stuff old and new! Hope to see you there! 


Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence... a lot going on. We wanted to share a snippet of progress on the book (if you're a KS or patreon backer you've already seen this)! The book is coming along. 

So, an update! Yuko is working on Barbarous Chapter 4, but we're also juggling some freelance and other behind-the-scenes work. And of course, life stuff has come up a few times and just generally slowed things down. Bottom line: we're working, things are rolling, and we'll have more information once we're further along. Sorry for the wait! 


We got so many requests to bring this design back, so here it is: SPORTS ANIME! This time we've printed it on a baseball tee, a unisex tee, a womens tee, a womens tank, and a tote bag! They're in the store now, check em out!



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