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STOP EATING RIBBONS - Tue, 12/30/2008
Subbing over at Applegeeks
Posted December 30, 2008 at 02:35 pm


Hawk's out of town for the rest of the month and it looks like I'm subbing for the big Monday comics over at Applegeeks.  The first one's up, I hope you guys like it. :D

To the people who know a thing or two about my menagerie of characters: I might've put a few in this one.


This is the second time the cats have done this - apparently Yuko's old room is their favorite place to barf. Gross. 

We're in NYC right now! We spent a couple of hours doing the rounds of our favorite stores. Yuko got a brush pen from Kinokuniya, and then we picked up a used copy of Jeff Smith's Shazam! from Book-Off (which I read when we got home - totally charming despite the superhero nonsense, and charming in the way only Jeff Smith can write). Cafe Zaiya is right next door, which is where we grabbed some food ... we split a bento box with rice, cabbage, pickled seaweed salad and curry croquettes (super good!) out in front of the Bryant Park library. There's some ume onigiri in the fridge for tomorrow, although I will probably fold and have one tonight. 

Sorry, I got carried away ... good food will do that. 




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