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Johnny Wander Vol. 1 @ Midtown Comics! And February experiment.
Posted January 31, 2012 at 01:04 am


That guy is amazing. 

First things first: we're going to try an experiment in February. We've mentioned in the past that we're doing a book with Oni Press - for the month of February we're going to post an excerpt from the book! We're pretty excited to share it with you guys and we hope you like it. This will also allow us to spend some time working exclusively on the Oni book, which means we can hopefully share the finished story with you ahead of schedule!

Cool news - Johnny Wander Vol. 1 is a Featured Trade at Midtown Comics in Manhattan! It's being offered as part of the Midtown Monthly Book Club - that means they're selling it for 25% off cover price for the month of February - a good deal! It also means that we'll be doing some sort of Midtown Book Club Q & A and chat with readers at the end of February - if you missed us at Bergen St. Comics you can certainly catch us here! I'll share more specific dates and information as I get it in.  

Picture care of Gary! 

Secondly, WHOA! We are totally blown away by the success of the Kickstarter! Because it went so well we're upgrading the treatments for the cover - improved color treatment and gold foil stamping! There's still time to get an early order in, too - the price of the individual art books will be higher once they're printed so now is a good time to get it at a discount if you're interested. 

That's all for us! Catch you Thursday!



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