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tempting fate part 1 - Tue, 02/12/2013
release party!
Posted February 12, 2013 at 06:36 pm


People who work with ink are probably familiar with this plight.  That, or I'm unusually incompetent.  :|

 Hey guys!  Ananth is out of town for work stuff for a few days so I'm filling in.  You might notice a handsome new banner ad on the right, leading to the Johnny Wander section of Hey Chickadee!  I'd like to think I've designed some neat stuff for them and the folks there make really lovely high-quality charms and jewelry.

And to remind you again, we're having a release party this Saturday!  It would be rad if you could come by.

Rook wants me to know that he is going to Die if he doesn't get fed soon, so I'll see you guys Thursday!



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