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thanks, nihilism dad - Thu, 04/21/2011
I don't even
Posted April 21, 2011 at 12:49 am


Yuko's post-bargle phonecall home! 

Just wanted to say, thank you everyone who chimed in or e-mailed us about Tuesday's comic! Admittedly I was a little concerned (probably moreso than Yuko), so it was reassuring to know that there are other people who know what this is all about. And if it was your first time learning about it, I hope it helped! If you sift through the comments there were a few that linked to further reading. You guys & gals are great. 

We're working our way through the latest orders, about half of them have been delivered to the post office. Keep an eye out for confirmation e-mails. And I mentioned it Tuesday, but we've reordered CMYcat and Hokusai tees - they should be up in the store in a few weeks. 

I think that's all we've got today, honestly. Have a good weekend, we'll catch you next week!



You're the best!!



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