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the best sleep over ever - Mon, 12/01/2008
Posted December 1, 2008 at 02:19 am


the terrible Fiesta font on the box cover is killing me slowly



Back in the mid-90's, Parker Brothers made a series of activity sets called Sleepover Club (which I think were a part of some larger, terrifyingly girly franchise).  I got the Fortune Telling box for one of my awkward tween-ish birthdays and the lot of us decided that it was a pretty mediocre activity set and it was sequestered down to the Board Game and Mice Closet in the basement.

Conrad and I found it this past weekend.  He was at my parents' place so he could catch a post-Thanksgiving ride back to MD and it was late and we were real bored.  Also, still not that fun.

I need to prove to you guys that this thing exists.

my favorite part is how the gypsy girl looks like JTT

There was this overly-complicated MASH-like game that involved these cards covered in Events That A Girl Who Was 12 Years Old in the Mid-90's Might Find Exciting.  This was one of those cards, no joke:

Cure, like the band Cure?



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