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the call is coming from inside the houussee - Thu, 05/05/2011
TCAF 2011 & Catmera Keychains, Earrings and Maw Patches!
Posted May 5, 2011 at 12:55 am


Please send help

We'll be at TCAF this weekend! We'll be upstairs at Table 221 against the far wall:

We'll have books, t-shirts, totes and more! And we'll also be doing a panel with some folks called PANEL A21: That Comic Isn't About Me: Gender, Sexuality & Race in Comics, from 4-5PM in the Learning Centre, so that should be interesting. See you there! 

Also  - new stuff in the store! Keychains, earrings and patches are up!

Supplies are somewhat limited so get them while you can! 

That's all from us! If we don't see you at TCAF then we'll catch you next week!



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