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the little things - Thu, 11/22/2012
Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted November 22, 2012 at 05:50 pm


Here's a comic about all the little doodads that Yuko keeps in the pockets of her hoodies and coats. 

More Kickstarter news - there are new push goals, which means old push goals were passed, which means there's some cool new stuff,

First, new Maw sticker sheet:

and second, Rook acrylic charms have been unlocked as well:

For a more thorough breakdown, refer to the updates page for the latest on the Kickstarter! 

Oh, I also posted a little about how I mock up the covers of the books before we go to print over on Tumblr: 

That's all from us! Hope you're eating something nice, see you next week!



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