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visiting the mountsberg raptor center - Thu, 05/13/2010
Mountsberg Raptor Centre
Posted May 13, 2010 at 10:48 pm


Last Monday, after TCAF, we got to go to the Mountsberg Raptor Institute. Yuko's longtime friend Amy showed us around, telling us a lot about the birds and allowing us to hold several of them. Some pictures from the visit below,

This is Teddy, the star of today's strip - she's the friendliest owl you'll ever meet. If you hold her for a while she'll lean into you and fall asleep - totally cute. 

Awww yeaaah. 

This is Amy and Pawgwa, an adolescent bald eagle. She doesn't like guys (me) and in order to drive them off she uses a warning call which actually sounds like a low-pitch GRONK. 

Pawgwa's wingspan is huge. 


This was when Teddy was falling asleep on TK. D'aww. 

That's a lovely scarf you have, Miz TK. 

Takenya is my homegirl. She's a red-tailed hawk. Hark, danger over the ridge!

Don't eat Otis! Otis is a screech owl born with only one eye - you can't see the other one from this angle, but it's a milky proto-eye. I kept calling him Odin. 

We are totally ready to fight some bad guys. 

The last owl we met was Hutton. He's a sahwet owl, the smallest species of owl in North America. His eyes are so big! Or maybe the rest of him is just mega tiny. 

That was our trip to Mountsberg! I'll be posting more photos over on Flickr at some point this week - I'll link to 'em when I do. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics!



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