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well, maybe your head would've been better - Thu, 09/03/2009
A departure!
Posted September 3, 2009 at 05:07 pm


It's all trueeeee

Not really. Yuko recently told me she was getting bored of doing simple autobio comics, and truth be told I've been wanting to mix it up as well, so ... we're mixing it up! There's a little bit of fictional continuity for you. Yuko will appear without an arm for the rest of Johnny Wander. (not really) And naw, that doesn't mean the end of autobio comics! But we might be flexing a bit. ;)

We're going to be posting something awesome as soon as we get permission, so if you just checked the site, please check back later. ;)

Also, Yuko's Maw figurine is still up for voting!



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