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yuko's traumatizing dental misadventures 2 - Thu, 02/18/2010
Just looking at the comic makes my teeth hurt
Posted February 18, 2010 at 06:52 pm


EDIT: I FORGOT! Yuko and I make a little cameo in a recent edition of Jamie Noguchi's Yellow Peril - first panel!

And that's the conclusion of Yuko's dental travails. Reading through the comments on the last comic, you guys had an awful lot of stories of your own! I guess dental trauma is a familiar childhood topic. 

Paypal is still giving me trouble! I'm shipping all orders, but I'm unable to give some of you confirmation - sorry about that. 

Conrad has been playing Bayonetta recently, that game is CRAZY. It's partly a self-aware mash of (vague) pop culture references, which is really amusing and occasionally confounding. It's also a lot of fun to watch (and play, although Conrad will also assure you that it's occasionally very frustrating). 

Here is a fun website that most of you probably already know about. (via Rym, Scott and Emily)

As you can tell, I've run out of things to talk about ... have a great weekend, and we'll see you next week!



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