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zooLOLOLogy - Thu, 01/29/2009
Posted January 29, 2009 at 02:49 pm


This is a comic idea we've had sitting around for a while! Yuko and I were driving somewhere and we must have been talking about LOLcats or something, because then we started going back and forth with our own LOLimals. It's become a running joke between the two of us every since ... Suffice it to say, this is a very silly comic. XD Indulge us!

Yuko wants me to mention that the art is pretty simple today because she's feeling terribly sick. Yuko's half Japanese, and inherited really good genes from both of her parents, so it's a little weird to see her ill, ever. 

I should mention that new Phoenix Down shirts arrive this week! And also, I wanted to return a link to Nemu-Nemu - they were kind enough to link us, and moreover their comic is pretty adorable. Thanks guys



Now I know why I don't get sick often.  Being sick is dumb.  I have been playing an awful lot of Professor Layton, though.  Also:

sorry it is a impala and not a pronghorn


I'll be at Ohayocon this weekend with Hawk doing the Applegeeks thing! I'll have Phoenix Down shirts! Come say hi! :D It's always nice to meet readers.



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