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everyone needs a hobby

everyone needs a hobby

Thu, 11/05/2009
110 - everyone needs a hobby


Thu, 11/05/2009 - 16:25 by Ananth in response to everyone needs a hobby

These were the spoils of victory during an otherwise unsuccessful Halloween-costume hunt at the nearby Goodwill. A couple of years ago my buddies and I went as tacky zombies - we found the loudest clothes and then ripped 'em up and poured fake blood all over 'em. I think that might be the only costume the thrift shop was good for ... 

Yuko maintains a collection of mugs that she has accumulated through a rigorous and selective process over the course of many years. Not any old mug can make it onto the rack - only the elite of the elite. Take a look: 

From left to right,
Row 1: wild strawberry, red queen (the subject of this particular comic), thirty hurts
Row 2: jackalope, white ribbon cat, black ribbon cat, candy canes
Row 3: blue mug, Virgo mug, George's Octopus Pie mug

There are a few missing, but you get the idea. I am actually pretty fond of the mug collection. 

The store got a big facelift yesterday! New logo, and most importantly new product photos! Our own photographer/cinematographer John Kelly took the photos on the roof of our building yesterday ... I think the pics for the new tees especially turned out great.

Yuko's lookin' sharp! Oh, I keep forgetting to mention, all tees come with a free Mawzantine Crest sticker - a little thank you for your support. <3 Those of you who already ordered got one too, no worries. And the Fox & Raven and Girl & Cats prints and the Girl with the Skeleton Hand pinset and Mawzantine Crest stickers have been restocked! So you can snag those if you've been waiting - sorry for the delay!

I think that's all for now ... time for us to get back to work! Have a good weekend guys!