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spectacular dinosaur failure

spectacular dinosaur failure

Thu, 03/04/2010
142 - spectacular dinosaur failure


Thu, 03/11/2010 - 12:14 by Conrad in response to spectacular dinosaur failure

You heard me! If there's no comic up in 30 minutes you're not getting a fancy new website!!!

AHHH comic is late!

Thu, 03/11/2010 - 11:41 by Ananth in response to spectacular dinosaur failure

AHHH we just got back, there's clearly no comic! Yuko's been working on it, but our schedule got a little shuffled because of our travel and flights this week - it happens, unfortunately! 

The comic is coming, Yuko's inking now! Thank for your patience! 

Comics on the road

Thu, 03/04/2010 - 19:53 by Ananth in response to spectacular dinosaur failure

Hey guys! Today's comic cameos Aaron Diaz, master of all things Dresden Codak. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of dinosaurs that dwarfs Yuko's (it is pretty jaw-dropping!). Aaron's now our lifeline for all things dinosaur. We've been hanging out at the studio that he and Meredith Gran share -- the space is pretty huge, and I'm a little jealous. Also, Heidi is the raddest lil' doggie. 

Also pictured are George (who you know) and Louie, who is also a pretty great artist we're hanging with. Check out her LJ here.

Portland is nice! There's an impressive variety of food here ... so far we've had Korean tacos + burritos, a walnut/honey/pear/gorgonzola crepe, an avocado/basil/coconut milk milkshake, a fried cherry chocolate pie ... Portland's going to be the end of us. I will leave here the fattest. 

We're outta here! Enjoy the weekend guys, we'll see you next Tuesday.