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how did we get two dozen eggs anyway

how did we get two dozen eggs anyway

Thu, 12/23/2010
how did we get two dozen eggs anyway

Great Eggspeggtations

Thu, 12/23/2010 - 23:16 by Ananth in response to how did we get two dozen eggs anyway

I don't hate eggs, and they're not terribly eggspensive, but ughhh. I guess I should have eggspected to get sick of them, especially when the rate of consumption goes up eggsponentially.

There's nothing I can do to make that better for you, so I'll just leave it there. Please, don't thank me. I do it for you. 

Actually, while we're talking about eggs (by which I mean I am talking at you about it), I should mention that I looked up the recipe for eggnog. There's about 2 cartons of eggs that we had to work our way through, so we approached the problem from all angles. Eggnog is actually not that complicated! The only real complication is that the one person I know who is remotely passionate about eggnog is Conrad, and he now lives across town. Conrad has been known to down a quart of eggnog in a day! We refer to the annual act of this as Connoggin' it (actually I just made that up, but I think it has real potential).

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a good time celebrating whatever it is you're celebrating. If you're working, godspeed and have a good one! I'll be working too, most likely! All aboard the work sled, mush!

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you a few things:

First, I was interviewed by Helter Skelter's Arun Kale! You can check it out here. Helter Skelter's website is very pretty too - maybe too pretty for my mug. The interview was fun, but I may have talked too much! (That's what you do during a review, right?!) Anyway, take a look! 

Second, Johnny Wander V1 was reviewed over at - if you're on the fence about the book, maybe this will push you over. ;)

Third, Fleen's review of the book!

Last, this is the review from which we pulled one of the back-quotes for the book. Included for completeness. 

That's all folks! 

(I'm writing this on the bus going up 95, so bear with any typos - I'll make corrections when I'm home.) 

Adam WarRock did a song called Call Me Johnny Wander - it's based on JW, and - well, give it a listen, it's amazing. And see if you can catch all the references - even I was struggling to keep up!

If you don't know Adam WarRock, you should! He did the Ira Glass song, which made the rounds a while ago. Adam WarRock makes rap fun again. His upcoming album, The War For Infinity, is an awesome tribute to the old days of comics and rap, which he hammers together into music that gets me pumped about making comics. It's all I've been listening to the past few days! Going to buy the hell out of that album when it comes out. Unlike a lot of other musical artists, WarRock keeps an audio sketchbook on his blog, to which he regularly adds a new tracklog that goes into his archive of tracklogs. For clarification, a tracklog is a song, fully-realized - much the same way an artist fills up their sketchbook with drawings. He is constantly honing his craft, by practicing and creating on a regular basic. His stuff crosses the spectrum in subject matter - sometimes religion, politics and life, often COMICS and pop culture and internet culture. 

I had the pleasure of meeting him at SPX this past weekend - he came by and picked up a book, and then came back later and introduced himself. When he passed me his card, I did a doubletake. There was just no way. Just when I was too sideswiped to respond, he told me he wanted to do a Johnny Wander song and I thought I was losing my mind. Adam WarRock delivered, which is what I want to say about him. He's obviously good at what he does - just listen to his first single "The Silver Age"- but the thing I admire most is that he's consistent, and consistently sharpening his skills. 

A few words about the song itself - for me, it is pure nostalgia. 3 years of crazy moves and crazy times compressed into 4 minutes. It feels good.

You done good, WarRock. You done good.