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recipe: weird ecto-cooler smoothie

recipe: weird ecto-cooler smoothie

Thu, 06/30/2011
265 - recipe: weird ecto-cooler smoothie

This drink is super refreshing! Have it when it's very hot. There are probably some good variations on this recipe too, but we haven't gotten too adventurous yet. We tend to favor the white grape concentrate for this recipe, but you can get dark grape concentrate as well. Additionally, some of our friends have mentioned using regular old grape juice and frozen spinach, which I assume works exactly the same.

Speaking of recipes, our pal L posts some great illustrated recipes over on Tumblr - check 'em out! 

Catmera charms are back in the store!

In response to the last comic several of you mentioned that the dog might be his - we do know for a fact that the dog was his girlfriend's, but the stories you posted about tough guys with their own little dogs were pretty cute!

Book talk! I finished the first Hunger Games book. Read the whole damn thing practically in an evening, couldn't put it down. Didn't feel like it ended strongly, but the rest of the book is so fun that I just ignored it. Definitely keeping an eye on the upcoming movie. I'm going to read the second book soon (I've been let down easy by a lot of people regarding #2 and #3, but I figure I gotta read them). Your own reading lists were pretty varied! I did notice Diana Wynne Jones come up a lot - Yuko is a big fan and has read a couple of her books. I made a note of a lot of titles you guys & gals mentioned, so many of them are on my to-read list. Someone mentioned China Miéville - I think that'll probably be my next group of books to tackle after I'm done with the Hunger Games series. I loved Perdido Street Station. 

Have a good one! Catch you next Tuesday.