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the worst place in the world

the worst place in the world

Tue, 01/24/2012
315 - the worst place in the world

Times Square can be a nightmare sometimes! There are just a lot of people. So many. Oh man. I have to charge my coping meter before heading into Times Square, but at least it's not as bad as IKEA

JWV2: Escape to New York Special Editions are on sale! That includes a signed bookplate sticker, a sketch from Yuko, and a sticker. We're shipping them out as fast as we can so you should receive your copy quickly! 

While we're on book talk: both volumes are in stock at Bergen Street Comics! If you'd rather stop in and save yourself some shipping, that's a great place to get it. 

Also we'll be announcing an exciting project tomorrow on Twitter (Ananth, Yuko), and we'll post a bigger follow-up about it with Thursday's update! So keep an eye out for that! We'll catch you then!