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merry christmas, mom

merry christmas, mom

Tue, 12/27/2011
309 - merry christmas, mom

Some science fiction short stories

Tue, 12/27/2011 - 21:11 by Ananth in response to merry christmas, mom

In case you missed it. The cats came with us for Christmas! They're getting along with Mika and Gonta. Uh, mostly. 

I'm working on a new project, so I've been reading a lot of science fiction short stories recently and got particularly interested in Arthur C. Clarke. His name was always on my radar, but I seem to have an on again off again relationship with sci-fi, so sometimes it takes me a little while. Anyway, here are some short stories you can read online:

Here's some Asimov:

And one by Vonnegut  - more commentary than anything else:

I've been reading China Mieville's Embassytown, and after that I'll probably read one of Clarke's books. Rendezvous with Rama's been suggested to me a few times, so I'll start there. 

Hope you enjoy some of those links! We'll catch you Thursday.