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what was I supposed to say

what was I supposed to say

Mon, 01/26/2009
035 - what was I supposed to say

Johnny Wander IRC

Tue, 01/27/2009 - 00:08 by Conrad in response to what was I supposed to say

Hey everyone! A bunch of awesome folks were nice enough to set up an IRC channel for our little crew, so if you'd like to come hang out the server is at: irc:// Hope to see you there! :D

All of this took place at the post office from which Yuko and I do most of our shipping. I was mailing off one of our old Phoenix Down shirts so the printer would know what palette to use -- they're arriving this week, by the way!

I gave Yuko a description of this woman and she captured her likeness to an uncanny degree, so I personally cannot look at this comic without getting really creeped out. Good job babe! I th-think. 

Also ... it's too bad the comic isn't in color, because her sweater was awesome. Purple, red and green stripes ... VERY YES

That's it for me ... still sick! Oh, and a heads up ... site revisions are around the corner! Conrad's been working really hard. :D Thanks man! *snf*