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burn it down and start over

burn it down and start over

Tue, 08/07/2012
351 - burn it down and start over

The Kickstarter is over!

Tue, 08/07/2012 - 17:50 by Ananth in response to burn it down and start over

... throw it out. Just kidding, just kidding.

OR AM I???

I am.

This is another left-handed comic! Yuko's taking it easy until she sees a doctor next week. But take a look at the archive ... they're starting to look more and more like regular right-handed comics! Bananas!

The Benign Kingdom Fall 2012 Kickstarter is over! We're blown away by the interest everyone has shown, very cool and thank you. I spent last night putting the finishing touches on Aaron and Emmy's books - exciting! Can't wait for you guys & gals to see them. 

I think that's all for us! It's been a busy week and it's only Tuesday, so I'm gonna take it easy. See you Thursday!