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process post 2: CMYcat

process post 2: CMYcat

Thu, 09/06/2012
process post 2: CMYcat

SPX is next weekend!

Thu, 09/06/2012 - 16:25 by Ananth in response to process post 2: CMYcat

In the continuing process series for this month, here's an outline of the dev process that we went through when we designed the CMYcat shirt/tote. Hope you like it! The previous covered the process for our business card. 

SPX is next week! We'll be there, at F14 - when you enter the room, go to the far left and we're right up front! We'll post a map next week, don't you worry! And I'll go over what we'll be bringing to this show. 

Catch you next week! Have a good one.