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guest comic - ghosts of writers past

guest comic - ghosts of writers past

Mon, 07/27/2009
guest comic 05 - ghosts of writers past

Eros Inc. by Michael May!

Mon, 07/27/2009 - 23:39 by Ananth in response to guest comic - ghosts of writers past


I haven't slept since Saturday night! I came home and drove around all day, finishing up errands that couldn't wait. No rest for the wicked! 

Which is why I'm so happy Michael May did this guest comic for us! Also, I'm happy because it cracked me up the minute I read it. Mike does a comic called Eros. Inc, which is about a cadre of quirky cupids - this is a crappy summary and doesn't really do it justice! Yuko says that it is one of her absolute favorite webcomics and she highly recommends it! I can only agree. 

Thanks to everyone that came by on Sunday for the meetup! It was nice to meet you. :D

We will have more to say about SDCC later this week! But for now, the sweet release of death sleep.