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Hey, so this is neat: Lucky Penny was featured on a list of comics that the Eisners completely failed to recognize! I'm not a particularly outspoken person, and this isn't a knock on the comics that ARE nominated, but: year after year I rarely recognize the nominations in the digital comics category... a category that ought to be flush with nominations for my peers and long-running predecessors. It is unfortunate.

More Japan travelogue

Tue, 06/12/2012 - 15:34 by Ananth in response to japan 2012 travelogue 5

Hey guys! We're going to do some more of Yuko's Japanese travelogues this week! These are from the trip she took in April. 

We're going to be presenting the awards in the graphic novel category for the Random House Creative Writing Competition tonight! We're a little nervous but it ought to be fun. I love the idea of creative writing scholarships. 

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