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Tue, 03/17/2015 - 17:45 by Ananth in response to Lucky Penny - 190

Hey guys! We'd been getting some e-mails and occasional tweets telling us to set up a Patreon... so we did! The truth is that, despite the freelance we do, the majority of our income comes from you-- our readers! And so we thought that a Patreon would help us refocus ourselves on our personal work. There are a couple of different pledge levels and various goals to hit! And we did a short animated video for it because we like you! But also because I cut my lip SUPER BAD shaving and that's a bad video look... Oops.

Less than a week left on CUTTINGS!

Thu, 05/29/2014 - 12:32 by Ananth in response to Lucky Penny - 138

You guys blew through the 50K goal, which means that we added another 16 pages to the book! 55K is the 'Cutting Cuttings' PDF, which will collect all the material we couldn't get into the print version. It will go out to all backers! And 60K will add another 8 pages! If you're still interested there are 5 days left!

CUTTINGS kickstarter preorders are happening!

Tue, 05/13/2014 - 22:21 by Ananth in response to Lucky Penny - 133

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the table at TCAF! It's always lovely to see you!

The kickstarter for CUTTINGS is going strong! It's going to be our latest book, collecting all of our color JW comics and a bunch of never before seen art from Yuko's sketchbooks. She's filled 30 sketchbooks since 2005! I hope you like what you see, and thank you for your support!

CUTTINGS is the latest Johnny Wander book, and we've just launched a Kickstarter for preorders! It's going to contain a lot of our color fiction comics like Girl with the Skeleton Hand, Delilah & The Basilisk, Maidens and more! It'll also contain a ton of never before seen art by Yuko, from the 30+ sketchbooks she's filled since 2005. Check out the video below and thanks for your support!

JW review on!

Thu, 04/10/2014 - 21:08 by Ananth in response to Lucky Penny - 124

Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you this really nice review of Johnny Wander that went up earlier today! It's by Joe Stando, over at!

Thanks for reading! We'll catch you next week!

New stuff in the JW store!

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 21:30 by Ananth in response to Lucky Penny - 120

Just a reminder that we've got a bunch of cool stuff in the JW store for the holidays! 

Just in time for the holidays! There's a color variant of the Cricket Demons tote bag now available, as well a Too Kawaii tote bag! 

Snip from Adventure Time: Candy Capers #1!

Tue, 07/30/2013 - 22:29 by Ananth in response to Lucky Penny - 055

A new page of Penny, the Johnny Wander books are available online, BUZZ! is up for preorder, and Adventure Time: Candy Capers #1 is in stores now!

We shared one of our favorite bits from Candy Capers #1 over on Tumblr

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