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but I'm your only ... oh. - Tue, 12/28/2010
Posted December 28, 2010 at 09:06 pm


When asked to comment, Yuko Ota grumbled loudly and left the room.

In case you were wondering, our eggistential crisis is over. Thanks for all the recipe suggestions! 

Rook actually came to Yuko's parents' house with us this year! Which means he's meeting Mika and Gonta, which means you guys will get some comics out of it. I've got notes for a lot of 'em, so I'm going to wait a little bit and cull out the best stuff. 

I'm leaving the Mawzantine Crest tees on sale till the New Year! Oh, and Yuko did a tee design for Hey Chickadee! based on the fairytale Musicians of Bremen! I should note that it is only available in ladies' sizes!

Hope everyone had some good holidays. New Years is coming up, so it's not over yet! We'll catch ya Thursday ... as soon as this is up we're going to go see Tron. Fully prepared for bleeps and bloops.



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