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drawing the drawing hand that is drawing you - Thu, 11/18/2010
Stories to ink by
Posted November 18, 2010 at 02:51 pm


Possibly one of the worst problems to have when you're inking! Or really, doing anything, ever. Yuko usually puts brush to paper between hiccups, until it becomes frustrating enough to make her give up. Rumor has it that Jackson Pollock's art career began with a case of the hiccups. 

Yuko says thank you to everyone for the bridesmaid dress suggestions! She really appreciates it. We're taking a look around tomorrow, and I'm mentally preparing for the stress!

The Hokusai shirts arrive tomorrow! We'll be putting them up in time for Tuesday's update. Hokusai prints will also be available, eventually - hopefully in time for the holidays (no guarantees!) - we'll be screen-printing those ourselves and individually numbering and signing each one. The lightning shirts will also happen, but they'll be coming next year. We'll also be making some other holiday-related announcements as well - finally!

On that note - we'll catch you guys and girls Tuesday! It's time for us to *sunglasses* ... log off. 


O-of the internet.



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