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Lucky Penny - 6 - Tue, 02/07/2012
Convention schedule!
Posted February 7, 2012 at 01:09 am


Lucky Penny: Page 2! If you're just now coming aboard, here's the context.

We're doing some conventions this year! Several in the coming months, including our first ever West Coast shows!

So that's exciting! Hope you can catch us at one of them. We'll be doing more shows later in the year as well - we'll update as the info comes in. Some other news: 

  • Johnny Wander V2 Special Editions with Yuko's sketches in them will be available till the end of the week - then I think it's time to give Yuko a breather so we can catch up on getting those shipped. They'll come back eventually, but if you want them sooner rather than later I suggest getting your order in by Friday!
  • The Benign Kingdom Kickstarter is going swimmingly! An update to come this this week, I think. Oh, and Yuko posted her quadrant of the reward poster to her Tumblr: 

  • JW:V1 is currently available at Midtown Comics at a 25% discount! We'll be doing a book club event at the end of the month, a Q&A probably. 

I think that's it! Catch you on Thursday!



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