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the triumphant return of wolf - Thu, 01/28/2010
Posted January 28, 2010 at 06:42 pm


Yuko's spider plant came back to her ... IN PIECES. Luckily she was able to repot all of them, but now we live in a greenhouse! It's kind of nice, Brooklyn is not terribly green around these parts. 

Oh man oh man! NPR has an article up called, "THE FIRST HINTS OF A DINOSAUR'S TRUE COLORS", and it's about scientists finding evidence indicating the original coloration of dinosaurs. That's so exciting! The dinosaur in question apparently "had rings of orange-brown bristly feathers around its tail."

Actually, Yuko got so excited that the new original art piece is of the dino in question. Take a look:

Ahhhh so cool! Oh, and the eBay auction is up - all proceeds from this particular auction go to the Red Cross for Haiti.  

I think we'll be starting a new bit of fiction starting next week - crossing my fingers! You all have a great weekend!



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